Additives for technical applications

Modern products demand modern raw materials. With a plain chemical substance this job is not done, because the physical characters of a product can also have a substantial influence on its performance. Parameters like particle size, salt concentration of hydrous solutions, flowability or bulk density influence the chemical and physical properties of a final product, the production process and production costs in many ways.

A careful selection of raw materials and a long-term co-operation with our suppliers which does not orient itself to contemplations on a daily basis provide a high and constant quality of our products right from the purchase.


Particle sizes

rieselndes granulatThe manufacture of products with defined particle sizes belong to our core competences for years.

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Ready-to-use solutions

glaskolben mit blauer fluessigkeitThe use of ready-to-use solutions is a cost-effective alternative to an on-site preparation.

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Enhancing the solubility

rote fluessigkeitSolubility enhancers can considerably increase the solubility of hardly soluble salts.

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Bulk densities

darstellung verschiedener schuettdichtenBecause of our various procedural possibilities, we can offer Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide in a wide range of bulk densities.

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baustoffeUnder the name Lohtragon we offer our tailor-made product portfolio of innovative accelerators and retarders for the construction industry. Lohtragon offers versatile possibilities.No matter if you wish to accelerate or retard the setting of plaster, we assist you.

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